Glenmorangie is the Best of the Best

06th September 2011

Over the last 5 years Glenmorangie has won more 'Gold Best in Class' awards than any other single malt Scotch whisky from the International Wine and Spirits Competition

Glenmorangie is the Best of the Best

Glenmorangie is raising a glass to toast its latest run of esteemed wins at the 2011 International Wines and Spirits Competition (IWSC). 

IWSC 2011 Results

Glenmorangie Original                                    Gold (Best in Class)

Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or                              Gold (Best in Class)

Glenmorangie 18 YO                                      Gold (Best in Class)

Glenmorangie Quarter Century                       Gold (Best in Class)

Glenmorangie Signet                                      Gold (Best in Class)


Glenmorangie whiskies have now won a staggering total of eighteen ‘Gold Best in Class’ medals over the past five years at the IWSC, the most internationally recognised awards body. Glenmorangie is therefore the best awarded single malt Scotch whisky, a cause for celebration!

With challenging competition, this consistent display of top class awards reflects the uncompromising commitment to the art of whisky creation at Glenmorangie. It also cements the Company’s reputation for being creators of ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ single malt Scotch whiskies - by using the tallest stills in Scotland and the finest oak casks (only ever used twice), to pioneering the now widely used technique of extra maturation to provide additional rich and intriguing layers of flavours to the house style of Glenmorangie.

This year, after blind tasting and professional analysis, the independent judges awarded five of their ultimate prizes - the highly regarded ‘Gold Best in Class’ - to Glenmorangie Original, Nectar D’Or, 18 Years Old, Quarter Century and Signet. 

Dr Bill Lumsden, Head of Distilling and Whisky Creation at The Glenmorangie Company, said: “Winning these awards is an honour in acknowledgement of all the work that goes in to crafting each Glenmorangie expression. I am thrilled that such a respected awards body as the IWSC have recognised this and have consistently bestowed us their highest awards.”