Pride 1978

Our new 34 year-old release started as an 19 year-old whisky before being extra-matured for 15 years - the longest ever period a Glenmorangie whisky has undergone extra-maturation. Only 700 bottles will be made available worldwide, since only 5 casks of this rare liquid were laid down, making the latest single malt extremely rare.

Crafted by Dr Bill Lumsden, this exceptional Glenmorangie has been extra matured in casks which had contained an exquisite French claret wine with the final result a rich and opulent whisky of outstanding pedigree.

Aroma: Sweet woody and nutty notes, like sweet chestnut or cedar, mingle with hints of toffee, fudge, almond marzipan and cherries.

Taste: The flavour of baked fruits (apples, plums cherries and apricots) lead into a solid oaky ‘backbone’, with flavours of clove, cinnamon, lots of aniseed, cardamom, cumin, toasted oak and eucalyptus.

Finish: Once these powerful, primary flavours die down, soft creamy fudge/vanilla, is encountered along with tangy, caramelised citrus fruits, a hint of cassis, and some milk chocolate and café au lait on the aftertaste.



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