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A world full of wonder
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The world of Glenmorangie is full of wonder. And in our colourful new film, shot by celebrated photographer Miles Aldridge, we are throwing open our doors, welcoming all to come in and explore.

Bringing our wondrous world to life

The perfect invitation to share in the simple joy of our delicious whisky, our film depicts seven everyday scenes – a train journey, a trip to the laundromat, a bubble bath... And because they take place in Glenmorangie’s world, these experiences are all so much more wondrous.

Each scene shows characters enjoying Glenmorangie (although in the laundromat, they are notably out of shot). With a cinematic style and settings saturated with colour – a realm in which Aldridge is admired worldwide – the film is rooted in our signature bold ‘orangie’ hue. Encapsulated by our tagline ‘It’s kind of delicious and wonderful”, it welcomes people to see the world through our eyes.


Simple joy

It was our desire to share the joy of Glenmorangie more widely, which inspired the film’s creation, in partnership with Aldridge and communications agency DDB Paris.

Louise Dennett, our Global Head of Brand explains: “We make whisky because we want people to enjoy it. There are many technicalities as to how we make it taste so good. But ultimately, what matters is that our single malt is delicious, and that we open the doors to the wondrous moments you can have with our whisky. Because we think there’s a simple joy in that.

Working with DDB and Miles Aldridge

The film’s bold technicolour palette was a particularly deliberate choice, says Alexander Kalchev, Chief Creative Officer at DDB Paris: “We set out to showcase everyday experiences all made more wonderful, to reflect Glenmorangie’s perspective. Inspired by the brand’s signature orange colour, we decided to use colour as a metaphor to open up the whisky’s world. And of course, as a master of colour, Miles Aldridge was the obvious talent to bring our vision to life.”

"Through our collaboration with Miles Aldridge and DDB Paris we have created a visual feast. We hope it will welcome more people into our delicious and wonderful world."

Style and precision

Aldridge’s style and precision is wonderfully evident throughout the film. For instance, he has carefully placed an anagram of Glenmorangie in each scene and a giraffe or two (a tribute to our spirit animal), almost like a treasure hunt.

“Throughout the campaign we peppered little ‘Easter eggs’, little things to find”, says Aldridge. “There are anagrams of Glenmorangie: ‘A Ginger Lemon’ in the train and ‘Mango Reeling’ as a neon. As well as the anagrams, each of the visuals has the recurring motif of the giraffe. The idea was that these would appear in each of the visuals like little games, almost cameo performances.

“The amazing thing about this campaign is that it’s so contrary to what we’re used to with whisky campaigns. For Glenmorangie to have the courage to take on this campaign is really refreshing.”

Dennett adds: “Miles has been a wonderful partner in building our campaign. When you look closely at each scene, there is an extraordinary richness to the storytelling. By considering every aspect, he has helped us create not simply images, but a whole Glenmorangie world, open for all to explore.”