Orange Mingle | Glenmorangie

Orange Mingle

A juicy anagram of our whisky’s name, this is a celebration of all things orange, from its vibrant hue to its tangy citrus flavour. Sweetness and sharpness mingle together in a tribute to Glenmorangie’s favourite fruit.


Glenmorangie Original
Lemon juice
Orange juice
Orange bitters
Orange marmalade
Egg whites
Edible flower, to garnish

  • The Original
  • Difficulty:Medium


45ml (11/2oz) Glenmorangie Original
10ml (1/3oz) Aperol
15ml (1/2oz) lemon juice
10ml (1/3oz) orange juice
2 dashes orange bitters
2 bar spoons orange marmalade
Egg whites


Bring everything together in your favourite cocktail shaker and stir to dissolve the marmalade. Add ice cubes and shake well, before straining into a perfectly chilled Nick & Nora glass. For another layer of texture, whip up an egg white foam. But don’t feel you need to – the drink tastes great without. Either way, an edible flower on top, gives a fragrant pop of colour.

Made With.

The Original


Our mellow beginnings.

First released more than 175 years ago by our founders, the original Glenmorangie 10 year old was known for its mellow tones and delicacy of flavour. All these years later, The Original remains at the heart of everything we do. Like home, we carry with us, no matter how far we travel. And every time we return, we discover something new.

To give Original a delicious, go-anywhere finesse, we make it in our giraffe-high stills, then we age it 10 years in bourbon casks to absorb all manner of delectable flavours. The result is a smooth whisky which welcomes you with a rush of citrus, then holds your attention with layers of luscious flavour, from orange to honey and creamy vanilla, with bursts of peach. We are constantly embarking on new sensory journeys, yet we always come home to Original.