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Our Whiskies
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Whisky making is our sensory playground. We believe all flavours are possible – and potentially delicious. We make award-winning whiskies that taste of sunsets, French patisseries, autumn days, Italian espresso bars... Just let your taste buds lead the way.

The Core Expressions


These are the whiskies we find endlessly delightful. The ones you can always enjoy. Beginning with the delicate spirit of our giraffe-high stills, they take it on all manner of extraordinary flavour journeys. From the smooth, mellow tones of our signature expression, The Original, through lush storms of sweetness and mocha explosions, they’re all here for you to explore.

Prestige Expressions

Through the years, our whisky creators have dedicated themselves to their craft, in pursuit of perfection. These peerless whiskies are the culmination of their art. In celebration of such mastery, we bring their most rare and treasured creations to the discerning connoisseur.

Private Editions

Year after year, our award-winning Private Edition celebrates the innovation for which the Glenmorangie Distillery is revered. Marrying skill with vision, our pioneering whisky creators have designed a series of unique single malts that deserve to be shared with a select audience of Scotch whisky aficionados. As individual as they are rare, these experimental releases will captivate the single malt collector.

Exclusive Core expressions

Created exclusively for travellers, these delicious single malts pay homage to the generations of skill behind our whisky creation. Each whisky’s unique taste showcases a different and demanding art we have perfected through the years, such as cask marrying, wood finishing and a lightly peated style of our past.

Limited Editions

There are moments which deserve to be celebrated in single malt. Every so often, our whisky creators are inspired to bring such occasions to life, in memorable limited editions.