Companta 2014 | Glenmorangie
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A refined balance between spice and smooth sweetness.

Year after year, our award-winning Private Edition celebrates the innovation for which the Glenmorangie Distillery is revered.


Companta 2014

Inspired by Dr Bill’s travels across France’s greatest vineyards and the friends made along the way, Companta is a refined balance between bold spice and rich, smooth sweetness; the result of a careful assemblage of spirit extra matured in casks from a famous Grand cru ‘Monopole’ in Bourgogne and those of a lusciously sweet fortified wine from Côtes du Rhône.


Tasting Notes.

  • Aroma

    On the nose, Companta exudes rich, 'autumnal' scents of red berries and damp forest floors, with a hint of fragrant woodsmoke complementing notes of aromatic, nutty oak.

  • Taste

    Upon tasting, a spicy palate redolent of cherries and stewed fruits is slowly revealed, as notes of sugared plums, blood orange and rose-hip syrup emerge alongside milk chocolate and brown sugar.

  • Finish

    Companta lingers on with a rich, mouth-coating finish.