Steep yourself in The Lasanta

Explore this elegant whisky through the eyes of artist Julie Weitz

With its rich colour palette of golds, caramels and burgundy, the Sensorial Whisky Experience wonderfully brings to life the warmth and sweetness of The Lasanta. This unique expression, extra-matured in the finest sherry casks, is portrayed by Los Angeles-based visual artist Julie Weitz, whose videos, installations and photographs examine the experience of embodiment in the digital realm. Having originally trained as a painter, Julie drew upon her knowledge of colour, light and texture to translate into film the whisky creation process, Glenmorangie’s cultural heritage and The Lasanta’s distinctive character. As she sought to capture the single malt’s expressive nature, Julie filmed real-life materials, such as copper sheeting, which she formed into waves to represent Glenmorangie’s signature copper stills. Water droplets glisten on the sheeting, before the scene fades into a fog, which moves across a scale model of the Scottish landscape, that is draped in copper satin. Drawing on Glenmorangie’s research into ASMR triggers, Julie shot much of the film with a macro lens, capturing intense detail and different textures for the viewer. For many sequences, she used slow camera moves or slow motion, to maintain the viewer’s focus. And, as she edited, Julie layered sequences to create smooth transitions that keep viewers mesmerized, through evolution of The Lasanta’s creation.


Julie Weitz: “I was trying to convey the character of Glenmorangie Lasanta through an interpretation of the alchemical reaction that occurs as a result of the combination of the iconic Scottish landscape, the weather and its home-grown barley.

“I used real world textures with abstracted materials and editing techniques to create an enigmatic platform – an ethereal dreamscape that has a profound real-world result. The viewer is invited into this otherworldly interpretation as if they were the whisky itself, undergoing its magical transformation and a kaleidoscopic dance across space and time.

“The film is equally a metaphor for the sensory explosion of flavour that occurs in the mouth as mere liquid is translated by the brain into something hugely complex and mystifying…”