The Signet Sensation

A richly inspiring whisky, as told by Studio de Crécy

Immersing the viewer in a fantastical universe, the sensorial film which depicts Glenmorangie Signet casts a mysterious light on dark, timeless shapes, glittering with brilliant gold, as they move ever onwards. This extraordinary creation is the work of Paris-based Studio de Crécy, whose founder Marie-France de Crécy, became inspired by the whisky’s sensuality of taste and its different layers. To bring her vision to life, the studio created sculptures made of cork wood. Embellished with different materials, these sculptures often feature Glenmorangie’s Signet icon, which is inspired by the intricate patterns of the ancient Highland Cadboll Stone. Marie-France’s husband Hervé, a filmmaker, graphic designer and illustrator, formed the universe where those sculptures would become alive. Their collaboration focuses on sensuality and texture, harnessing ASMR techniques to intensify the impact of their film on the viewer’s senses. It culminates in a composition of curious beauty, which acts as a metaphor for the rich taste of Glenmorangie Signet – the pinnacle of Glenmorangie’s range.

Studio de Crécy: “The film is a journey to the heart of the earth, where everything begins, where water transforms itself into whisky’s original liquid. It is a journey into the natural and cultural heritage of Glenmorangie and tells the story of the passing of time expressed through the Cadboll Stone and the Signet motif. You enter an undefined yet very peaceful zone – a kind of fourth dimension, a journey into materials, shapes, textures and sensations. Watching the film should give you the impression that you are at the heart of the matter.

“The film is also about a different relation with time. You stop living your frantic everyday life to live in a time warp. You stand between the past and the future, in the unknown.

We believe that the overall experience is soothing, marvellous and extraordinary, connecting you with your human origins.”