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Glenmorangie X Passionfruit

A tropical burst of flavour, this fizzy, fruity serve is delightful outdoors, with food and a beautiful view.


Passionfruit Soda

  • X by Glenmorangie
  • Difficulty:Easy


50ml (2oz) X by Glenmorangie
50ml (2oz) Passionfruit Soda


Fill highball glass with crushed ice. Add X by Glenmorangie and passionfruit soda. Stir and garnish with half a passion fruit.

Made With.

X by Glenmorangie


Mix with your favourite flavours

Imagining the ultimate single malt whisky for mixing, we worked with top bartenders to craft a sweeter and richer Glenmorangie, perfect for enjoying in all manner of drinks.

To achieve our whisky’s wondrous cascade of taste, we draw on our epic array of casks. And so our freewheeling single malt comes to life, with swirling aromas of pear and vanilla setting the stage for rich orange sherbet and fudge. X by Glenmorangie is wonderful mixed with any flavour you choose (and as you’d expect, it is also delicious neat).