Private Edition 8: Bacalta

Sun-baked sweetness

The eighth release in our multi-award-winning and always intriguing Private Edition, Glenmorangie Bacalta brings new heights of complexity to a rare wood finish. Madeira’s long, balmy days inspire the sun-baked sweetness of Glenmorangie Bacalta, a single malt which has gained warm layers of ripe fruits and white chocolate on a bespoke journey through extra-maturation. Explore its almost endless complexity.

Tasting notes

Succulent sweetness on the nose
Succulent apricots ripened in Madeira’s island sun emerge from fragrant, honeyed aromas. A curiously flinty note gives way to beguiling hints of white chocolate.

Honeyed complexity to taste
Complex layers of honeycomb follow an initial burst of mint toffee. Almonds come forth to mingle with dates, caramelised oranges and more apricots.

An endlessly intriguing finish
Creamy fudge emerges in the long, syrupy aftertaste, alongside caramelised citrus and pears. All are played out against an intriguing mentholic backdrop...

Process innovation

Bespoke staves

Glenmorangie Bacalta’s complex character owes much to its unique casks, custom-designed exclusively for this single malt. Created from staves made of slow-growth, air-seasoned American oak, they were heavily toasted to Dr Bill Lumsden’s specifications, ensuring that the best possible flavours were released from the wood.


Long, balmy days

The sun has always had an influence on Madeira’s unique character. Centuries ago, barrels of the island’s wine would be stowed in the holds of ships, to be baked repeatedly in the heat as they crossed the Equator on their journeys.  This intriguing effect is recreated on Madeira, where casks are stored in the rafters of vineyards, so the warmth of long, balmy days may mature the wine within. Glenmorangie Bacalta (Scots Gaelic for “baked”) draws on this tradition: its bespoke casks, filled with Malmsey – the sweetest and most prized of the Madeira wines – spent years taking on the rich, ripe flavours baked into their staves by the sun.


A perfect union

The seasoned casks were shipped back to Glenmorangie’s Scottish Highland home and filled with specially selected spirit, already matured in ex-bourbon casks.  In the quiet of a warehouse, wood and whisky began a unique interaction, their marriage of flavours perfectly balancing in Glenmorangie Bacalta, a single malt of almost endless complexity.