The Men of Tain

Meet the Men of Tain

Meet the Men of Tain, the select craftsmen entrusted with the secrets of our distillery. Men whose dedication, skill and attention to detail proves that the Glenmorangie story is not just about whisky, it's also about people.

A Dram For A Difficult Job

There was a time when the Men of Tain would queue up for a daily dram of whisky with their lunch. Huddled together they would pass around a metal cup - blackened through constant use - and share a joke at the expense of one of the lads. This tradition, as well as the practice of handing out an extra dram for unpopular jobs like cleaning out the washback, is still fondly remembered by some of our more long serving men. Perhaps a little too fondly you might say.

The Men of Tain past and present