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Glenmorangie celebrates its 175th anniversary with multi-million pound investment

Glenmorangie marks 175 years of exceptional whisky creation by announcing its plans for a new still house. Funded by a multi-million-pound investment from The Glenmorangie Company, the expansion is designed to position the Highland Distillery for ever-greater success.

Dornoch Environmental Enhancement Project - Phase II

In 2017, Glenmorangie, along with its partners Marine Conservation Society and Heriot Watt University, placed 300 oysters in the protected waters around their Highland Home, to confirm the species could survive.

Now, a total of 20,000 oysters are to be introduced into the sea near Glenmorangie Distillery, as part of the ground-breaking project to restore oyster reefs fished to extinction a century ago. In pursuit of its vision to enhance the marine biodiversity of the Dornoch Firth for the second phase of the project, they are to recreate entire reefs – the very first time this has been attempted anywhere in Europe. 

Dornoch Environmental Enhancement Project Phase I

Glenmorangie has officially opened its €6million anaerobic digestion plant at its Distillery in the Highlands of Scotland. The plant is expected to purify up to 95 per cent of the waste water that the Distillery releases into the Firth.

Working in tandem with the anaerobic digestion plant, Glenmorangie has pioneered a ground-breaking environmental project, reintroducing Native European oysters to coastal waters around the Distillery.

The remaining 5 per cent of the organic waste from the Distillery will be naturally cleaned by the oysters which will enhance biodiversity and purify the by-products created through the distillation process.