Welcome to our sensory playground | Glenmorangie
Welcome to our sensory playground
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Immerse yourself in the delicious world of Glenmorangie.

Come and immerse yourself in the delicious and wonderful world of Glenmorangie at Glenmorangie House. Our boutique Highland hotel is newly transformed into a sensory playground of flavour-inspired rooms and unforgettable adventures.

The joy of Glenmorangie

At the Glenmorangie Distillery, our whisky creators are endlessly dreaming up delicious whiskies on their quest to bring joy to whisky lovers old and new. Now we have woven that joy into the very fabric of Glenmorangie House. From colours and objects mirroring our whisky’s story, to stargazing experiences, delicious food and bespoke candles hinting at Glenmorangie’s flavours, we invite you to enjoy our more wonderful version of reality, with all your senses.

Playful luxury

Our luxurious boutique hotel is situated in remote and beautiful Highland surroundings, just moments from the Glenmorangie Distillery. And it tells Glenmorangie’s story through every playful detail. For instance, you can explore our whisky’s creation downstairs, where you’ll find the Dining Room’s table shot through with copper and molten-style candelabras, echoing the heat of our Distillery’s copper stills. And delight in the Morning Room’s golden wallpaper which evokes the sense of walking in a field of ripening barley – one of whisky’s key ingredients.

Flavour-inspired bedrooms

You’ll discover more about one of Glenmorangie’s flavours in one of the House’s six bedrooms, each inspired by one of our delicious whiskies. The burnt oranges and purples of the Sunset room reflect The Lasanta’s rich, sunset-like tastes. Knitted cakes made by a local artisan bring a playful touch to a pink-and-yellow hued room reflecting The Nectar d’Or’s sweet patisserie scents. In the Home room, bespoke candles hint at the flavours of our flagship whisky, The Original.

Creative cottages

Or choose to stay in one of our three cottages next to the House, each with a different theme. See our innovation with wood echoed by furniture made of oak casks, experiments with malt come to life in a painting of germinating barley, and our pioneering flavour work celebrated in a magical portrait of our whisky creator, Dr Bill Lumsden.

Wondrous adventures

Wondrous adventures

Of course, our welcoming team have a host of wonderful experiences planned to ensure your enjoyment. You can explore Glenmorangie’s single malts, enjoy local food and  use our telescopes to look at the stars. Perhaps you’ll decide to find out more about beekeeping at our Distillery’s hives, join our chef to forage for cocktail ingredients in the Walled Garden or play croquet on the grounds.


David Guthrie, Manager of Glenmorangie House, says: “By transforming Glenmorangie House into this sensory playground, we want to celebrate the deliciousness of Glenmorangie and open up our world to more people. We can’t wait to share and enjoy this wonderful travel experience with our guests this summer.”