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About Glenmorangie House

Overlooking the unspoilt shores of the Moray Firth and nestled amongst the ruins of an old castle this 17th century house is both luxurious and intimate. With everything you would expect from a 5star hotel, but with the warmth and personality of a country house party, this really is a special place to come and experience the rugged beauty of the highlands.

Take a walk along the beach, play a round of golf, visit our distillery and then head back to the house to enjoy award winning food sourced from our own kitchen garden, a surrounding farm or the sea; a quick 200 yard dash down a tree lined path. Contact Information

Room rates include afternoon tea, a pre-dinner dram with canapes, four course dinner and full Scottish breakfast.

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01862 871671 or email

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Tasting Masterclass

Dr William (Bill) Lumsden

In his role as Head of Distilling & Whisky Creation, Dr Lumsden oversees the creation of the entire Glenmorangie range. He is regarded as a pioneer in the malt whisky industry, touring the world in search of the best oak casks in which our whiskies will be given unique characteristics. He is also the only person to have been honoured three times with The Malt Advocate 'Industry Leader of the Year' Award.

The Serves

Dr Bill Lumsden would recommend enjoying Glenmorangie in any of the following ways.


To try our whisky neat is to experience it in its purest form, where the complexity of the flavours and aromas is at its fullest intensity.

With Water

A little water will soften the alcohol, causing a change in the texture and bouquet of the whisky, and revealing further layers of aromas and complexity.

Over Ice

Adding two or three large rocks of ice to your whisky will close down the top notes that were released with water accentuating instead the base flavours from the oak barrel.

The Glass

Whisky glass

The glass in which you serve our whisky will have an effect on the flavour. However we believe that Glenmorangie should be enjoyed in whichever way you think best, and that includes your favourite glass.

But, if you were to ask Dr Bill Lumsden for his personal opinion, he would recommend a simple, yet good quality tumbler to really allow the aromas to be released before and after adding water.

Understanding The Label


Our brand name Glenmorangie comes from the Scots Gaelic Gleann mor na sithe which means 'valley of tranquillity', a perfect description of the peaceful setting near Tain.


This means that this particular whisky has been made in the highlands, a rugged and mountainous region of Northern Scotland.

Single Malt

To be referred to as single malt, a whisky must be produced by one distillery alone. Many whiskies are blends of a number of different makers but all our whiskies are distilled and matured solely in Tain.

Scotch Whisky

To be called Scotch a whisky must be matured in oak casks for at least three years.

The Original

We refer to this expression of Glenmorangie as 'the Original' because it is the perfect embodiment of our house style: light and elegant, but with incredible layers of complexity of flavour.


The Signet emblem is our brand icon, chosen as it represents an integral part of our heritage. Inspired by intricate designs carved into the Cadboll Stone, an ancient standing stone that we believe is, with its highly skilled carvings, the perfect symbol of our brand.


Ross-shire is a county in the North East of Scotland where our distillery is situated. This unique location on the Dornoch Firth gives mild, maritime conditions ideal for maturing Glenmorangie.


In 1843, William Matheson set up the Glenmorangie Distillery with two towering stills; stills that are still in use today and which helped create the unique style of Glenmorangie.

Perfected by the Sixteen Men Of Tain

The select group of craftsmen who are entrusted with the secrets of our distillery. Men whose dedication, skill and attention to detail is passed down from generation to generation.

Ten Years Old

This refers to the amount of time this whisky has been maturing in oak casks. Any longer and Glenmorangie Original, only ever matured in first or second fill casks, would not retain its perfect balance between sweetness and complexity.

Distillery Tour

By the tranquil shores of the Dornoch Firth, amidst the golden barley fields of Ross-shire, lies the Glenmorangie Distillery. Here you will find a warm Highland welcome from the legendary Men of Tain, the skilled craftsmen who ensure that Glenmorangie is made in the same unhurried and uncompromising way it has always been through its long and distinguished history.

The Tours

We offer a range of tours with unparalleled access to the Distillery and its warehouses. With the help of our expert guides you will experience all stages of the whisky making process from mashing and fermenting to distilling and maturation. Within our Still House (we call it our Highland Cathedral) stand the tallest stills in Scotland. their long copper necks are the same height as a fully grown giraffe! As a result only the lightest and purest vapours make it to the top, giving a smoother, more elegant whisky. on your visit to our traditional earth floored warehouses we will explain why Glenmorangie has for many years led the industry in the pioneering use of only the finest casks in which to mature our whisky.

The Original Tour

You will be guided around the distillery, learning about our flagship whisky, Glenmorangie Original, which is matured exclusively in the finest first and second fill white oak-bourbon casks for a minimum of ten years creating a smoother, rounder whisky. Throughout our Original Tour we will share with you the steps we take in the pursuit of perfection and in creating our whisky. And of course no tour would be complete without tasting a dram of this award winning whisky!

The Signet Tour

Complement your Distillery Tour with a visit to our Signet Room where you can sample Glenmorangie Original and Glenmorangie Signet which is one of our rarest expressions and undoubtedly the richest whisky in our range. A complex vatting of our oldest whisky stocks combined with whiskies matured in the world's most expensive designer casks we bring alive Glenmorangie Signet's rich dark layers of flavour with a very unusual and alluring sonic tasting experience.

The Heritage Tour

A very special experience which adds a pilgrimage to the Tarlogie Springs, Glenmorangie's own water source and most prized asset to your Distillery Tour. On this tour you will also visit the extraordinary Hilton of Cadboll Stone. A hand carved recreation of one of Scotland's most revered Pictish treasures that, with its intricate design, has become the inspirational symbol of our brand. You are then invited to join us at Glenmorangie House, our exclusive Highland home, where we will serve you lunch and the opportunity to taste Glenmorangie Original, followed by an expression from our Extra Matured Range, finishing off with the prestigious Glenmorangie 18 Year Old. At the end of this memorable tour you will leave with a special memento of your visit.

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Tour Price Season Times
The Original Tour £7 Peak
Half hourly, 10am - 4pm, 7 days a week
Hourly, 10am - 3pm (Closed Sundays)
By appointment, 10am or 2pm, Monday - Friday
The Signet Tour £30 Peak
10.15am or 2.15pm, 7 days a week
By appointment, 11.15am, Monday - Friday
By appointment
The Heritage Tour £120 Peak
By Appointment, 10.45am - 2.15pm, Wednesday or Friday
By Appointment, 10.45am - 2.15pm, Wednesday or Friday
Not available
  • Peak Season: June/July/August
  • Mid Season: April/May & Sept/Oct
  • Low Season: Jan/Feb/Mar & Nov/Dec

During the month of April 5th April – 24th April the distillery will be in NON PRODUCTION and limited tours will be available.