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Natural Links

Great golf and great whisky are characterised by length and finish…

Few things last longer in the memory or linger more deliciously than a great finish.

Simple yet complex

Single malt and golf are, in some ways, simple pleasures. The famous Scottish spirit is made with just three ingredients – water, barley and yeast - and the famous Scottish game has just one aim: to finish your round in as few shots as possible.

And yet, whisky and golf can be endlessly complex. The greatest whiskies are satisfying and balanced, but their constituent tastes are long, lingering and always interesting.

Golf’s pleasures are complex too, known best to those who take time to learn the game, a game that is an endless quest, impossible, but to a few, to master. Yet despite that, in fact because of it, golf is endlessly appealing to those who will embrace it.


At Glenmorangie our founder’s inventiveness has been rewarded: the tallest stills in Scotland create a remarkably smooth and flawless spirit, while our commitment to using the very best casks and to using them only twice for our flagship expression, Glenmorangie Original, ensures a balance of sweetness and complexity.

On linksland courses - those which are built on sandy soils close to the coast - such inventiveness is equally key. The fast-running fairways and greens of the traditional Open venues favour only those who can read them and work with them, those who can play the game creatively, on the land as much as through the air.


Links golf sees players measure themselves against the elements and the test is always stiff, the winner inventive and bold. He will have hit the purest shots because, more than any other form of the game, links golf demands it. Seaside courses are works of nature refined by man.

Whisky too sees natural elements refined by craftsmen. At Glenmorangie we use the mineral-rich waters from our own spring; we work with the finest Scottish barley, combined with expertise and creativity with our wood management from our Whisky Creation Team.

The-all-important finish

The taste of whisky is the result of where it is made, the water source, the barley itself and, of course, the casks - the casks used for maturation and sometimes for the finish.

In stroke play golf the player aims to complete the course in the lowest number of shots. So a round is constructed shot by shot and like a house of cards, it doesn’t take much for it to collapse. As the round goes on the importance of each shot grows. The validity of every shot already gone hangs on the one about to be played. Shot adds to shot until a bitter end or perhaps a sweet finale. The finish is all important…

The long game

A whisky’s finish might also refer to its length, the flavours and sensations which play long on the taste buds. This finish is an important measure of a whisky’s excellence and Glenmorangie Original, as much as any of our ‘finished’ expressions, famously delivers serious length, with wave upon wave of creamy vanilla with hints of orange and peach.

Length in golf? The ability to hit the ball incredible distances is more and more part of the game.

The spirit of the open

Glenmorangie is The Spirit of The Open. And The Open is golf in its purest form.

When the inaugural Open was played at Prestwick Golf Club in 1860 it was a simple affair, but not as far removed from this year’s global celebration of the game as we might imagine.

The 2016 Championship - the 145th - will be played at Royal Troon Golf Club (which adjoins Prestwick). Although much has changed some things remain the same. The world’s greatest golfers still play a similar game over a golf course which is as much the work of nature as it is the work of man. And the Scottish weather will play its part. The eventual winner must be able to harness the elements and finish strongly…

The Original

The original expression of our elegant, floral spirit and the real backbone of the Glenmorangie range.