On 5 April 2022, The Glenmorangie Company (trading as MacDonald and Muir Limited) had 251 employees; these relevant employees were used to measure the gender pay gap using data from the previous 12 months. In accordance with the legislation, only employees who received their full pay during the pay period that includes the 5 April 2022 are used to measure the gender pay gap and pay quarter data. This meant that 1 woman and 3 men were excluded because they were taking reduced-pay leave.

Of the remaining 247 full-pay relevant employees, 154 were men and 93 women giving us a gender balance of ~62:38.

Distribution of employees across our pay range

The chart below shows our gender balance followed by the gender distribution across the four quarters of the pay range (from highest to lowest pay).

The chart displays our overall gender balance and allows us to see where we deviate from this balance in each quarter. We believe that any analysis should ultimately return to a discussion about the actual men and women that populate our pay range. To show this we have added the actual numbers of each gender who are in these quarters (see text in yellow), and we have shown the imbalance in brackets. This analysis shows us that only 3 men and 3 women would have to swap across the median line (between the upper middle and lower middle pay quarters) to achieve total balance - this is just over 2% of our entire population.

In 2021, with a very similar employee headcount, the imbalance was 4 men and 4 women, so we have seen a 25% decrease in the imbalance year on year.

Gender pay gap

This table shows the mean and median percentage differences between the adjusted hourly rates paid to each gender.

Gender bonus gap

This table shows the mean and median percentage differences between the bonuses paid to each gender in the preceding 12 months to 5 April 2022.


We began collecting and analysing our diversity data in 2019 long before we were legally required to do so. By committing resources to this analysis early on, the insights gained have been used to shape future talent plans and decisions.

The Glenmorangie Company are not actively trying to reduce a pay gap percentage - rather this continuing work is designed to ensure the organisation becomes as inclusive as possible and continues to be a great place to collaborate and work. It is an added bonus that this progress is being reflected in the reducing Pay Gap figures.

Our people strategy has 4 pillars: Nurture, Flourish, Enrich, and Celebrate, and the initiatives that we deliver are aimed at meeting both the employee’s needs as well as driving change to meet business growth.

Nurture: We have focused on creating awareness on diversity and inclusion barriers by training our employees and managers on unconscious bias, generation gaps, breaking the glass ceiling, imposter syndrome, LGBT+, and disability. We are also able to leverage opportunities within our parent group, LVMH, such as participating in EllesVMH (a programme of coaching and training for women within the business) and Moët Hennessy led diversity and inclusion initiatives.

In 2020, we implemented an equal parental leave policy, providing all employees with 6 months full pay followed by 15 weeks at half pay, recognising that becoming a parent is an important time of adjustment for employees. We wanted to level the playing field and contribute towards reducing what can be seen as the motherhood penalty.

We revamped our policies ensuring that language is inclusive, and the benefits are competitive, this includes: 5 days paid leave per year for carers, volunteering days, time off to deal with household emergencies, 34 days annual leave which increases with service, and 6 months full sick pay every year.

We changed our recruitment processes to be more inclusive by introducing guaranteed interviews for those with disabilities that meet the minimum requirements, anonymised CVs, diverse interview panels, diverse shortlist of candidates, and training of all hiring managers on having an inclusive recruitment process.

Flourish: We are working towards a learning culture through training, personal development plans, and LinkedIn Learning. We run events to share knowledge within the business including lunchtime learning, Meet the Expert sessions, and Career stories events. For the last two years we have embarked on a programme called ‘Let’s Talk’ with all employees and managers trained on having great performance, development, and courageous conversations.

In addition, we conduct an annual succession planning exercise which involves reviewing the progression opportunities both within The Glenmorangie Company and our wider LVMH ecosystem.

Enrich: Our employees are passionate about the wonderful whiskies we make and they are proud to leave a legacy through their contribution. Knowing that our employees stay with us for a long time, we have started to introduce Knowledge Experts to support in ensuring that critical knowledge from our long serving members is not lost through retirement.

Currently we are working on a programme to map out the employee experience to understand both the pain points our employees may encounter and to create magic moments to support both their career and individual needs. Our culture is about creating moments of joy and we spend time coming together as a whole company and separately at site specific social events.

We introduced a Modern Apprenticeship programme in 2019 and have recruited 27 people to date through this route. Candidates do not need previous industry or specific technical knowledge, all we asked was that they have a mindset open to learning and this approach has enabled us to further diversify our workforce.

Celebrate: We have a very comprehensive and competitive benefits package including private medical insurance, group income protection, Healthshield which covers routine medical costs, Gymflex, an Employee Assistance Programme, a salary exchange pension scheme, and access to heavily discounted products from The Glenmorangie Company as well as the wider LVMH group.

Furthermore, we benchmark our salaries annually to ensure that our pay is competitive and in line with our industry in the local market.

We also like to celebrate each other through a recognition programme unique to The Glenmorangie Company. In this programme, employees can nominate anyone across the business and all entrants are entered into a monthly prize draw. At our recent all company event, we celebrated ‘The Stuff That People Don’t See’ to acknowledge that we all play a part in achieving our business goals.

We achieved Platinum status with Investors in People, an accolade that only 2% of companies are recognised for. We are also menopause and disability committed employers.

Statutory confirmation

I confirm that the data contained in this report is accurate and has been calculated in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Maria Rooney

HR Director