Our story begins in 1843 with farmer William Matheson who, with his wife, Anne, set about building a distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Selling their whisky for mere shillings per gallon, the venture may have started small, its location remote, but the Mathesons' vision was extraordinary.

They were laying the foundations of what would become one of the most famous Scotch whisky distilleries in the world.

  • A Love of Our Lands

    Matheson’s whisky was named after the peaceful land he loved. In Gaelic, the ancient language of Scotland, ‘Glenmorangie’ means ‘Valley of Tranquility’. By virtue of the way it is made, all whisky is inherently linked to the land, but Glenmorangie is perhaps rooted more deeply than any other, being tightly woven into the long, rich history of our native Ross-shire.


Distillers of Tain

Glenmorangie has had many loyal team members over the years, but few men or women devoted so much of their lives to the Distillery as Gordon L Smart (1895-1972). Gordon was appointed Distillery manager in 1920 after his father Alexander, the previous Distillery manager, passed away. It was a position he would fill for a remarkable fifty years. His core workforce at the Distillery - the so-called ‘16 Men of Tain’ - were also long-serving and provided a wealth of whisky making experience and time-honoured skills.

Today there are '24 Distillers of Tain’ led by Distillery manager, Edward Thom, who in 2022 won the Global Distillery Manager of the year at the prestigious Whisky Magazine Icons of Whisky Awards. Glenmorangie has continued to support and build strong relationships with its surrounding community, attracting many generations to craft its award winning whiskies over the years.