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Grand Vintage 1998


ABV: 43.0% | VOLUME: 70cl


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The Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1998 is like embarking on a transatlantic journey from the world of classic bourbon, to the sherry bodegas in Jerez, both finessed with virgin new charred oak. Rich with vibrant fruits, smooth toffee, and ginger, this whisky’s eloquence is a symbol of our elegant, experimental style.


The year this whisky was distilled, there was a fresh air of enthusiasm at the Distillery. Having joined Glenmorangie some years before, Dr Bill Lumsden had just taken charge of all Glenmorangie’s whisky creation. And he was bursting with ideas for evermore delicious whiskies.

Dr Bill was particularly eager to explore the wonders new charred oak barrels might bring to Glenmorangie’s soft, fruity spirit. And so he earmarked a handful of carefully crafted casks, tailormade to enrich the Distillery’s single malt. By charring the virgin wood of these bespoke casks for the first time, Dr Bill hoped to create a striking style of single malt, intense in colour and spice.

Dr Bill used most of these early casks to wood finish whisky, balancing their spice with Glenmorangie’s complex fruits. But with a true creator’s vision, he also filled a few with new-make spirit, dreaming of a spectacular single malt.

He left those experimental new char casks to age in the cool, quiet of an earth-floored warehouse for more than two decades. As he waited, the spirit transformed into a deliciously buttery whisky, surging with vanilla, chocolate laced with orange, ginger and sweet chilli.

Dr Bill was overjoyed by the spicy depths of his unprecedented experiment. And imagining how he might complement that whisky’s rare flavours, he set about uniting Glenmorangie’s delicacy with its toasty, buttery power.First he layered those oaky notes with soft, fruity Glenmorangie aged in first-fill bourbon casks. Then brought sweet subtlety with a hint of whisky finished in oloroso sherry casks.


Aged 23 years, his creation bursts with ripe fruits and rich orange chocolate, gently threaded with sugared almonds and spice. Extraordinarily vibrant, Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1998 amplifies the Distillery’s signature elegance with a glorious spicy glow.

The tasting Notes


Rich Amber


Rich and mellow, with hints of toffee, ripe fruits such as pears, plums and baked apples, and some gentle oak. This is followed by some sweet vanilla, fragrant spearmint and a mellow, warming, waxy note, like fragrant incense. Some water releases Glenmorangie’s classic citrus notes of lemon and mandarin orange along with sweet tobacco, a touch of lavender, and the merest hint of ginger.


A zesty, almost effervescent mouthfeel leads into a burst of vibrant fruitiness, some chocolatey notes, a soft butter candy flavour and a hint of toffee, juicy raisins and figs. Then comes a suggestion of orange-flavoured chocolate, clove, ginger and aniseed.


Gentle and soothing with hints of sugared almonds, leather and dates.

Glenmorangie 1998 Single Malt Whisky

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